Geothermal and well drilling

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We always provide our clients with a wide range of chemicals with professional support and technical knowledge. We provide agents for geothermal energy and well drilling, including specialized biodegradable polymers, drilling bentonites and sealing agents in the form of bentonite rolls.

Agents for drilling for heat pumps and water


Swelltonite HQ, Swellgel Plus and Swellgel bentonites

For heat pumps, we recommend drilling with our Swellgel Plus and Swellgel bentonites with dedicated polymer additives. As a result, they will meet any drilling challenge. On the other hand, when drilling for water, we recommend specialized biodegradable polymers that ensure safe drilling. Safe for water intake and the environment.

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Special materials

Annular space fillers

We offer solutions for sealing the annular space above the aquifer when making wells (Bentonite in the form of TSB/QSE rolls) and filling the space between the ground and the vertical heat exchanger (heat pump), which guarantees high level of heat transfer (Moditherm).

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