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At BDC, we have introduced innovative drilling fluid recycling systems, which are ideal for companies carrying out drilling works. These devices help managing the waste produced during drilling and effectively improve the consumption of drilling materials. As a result, the purchase costs of drilling materials and the costs of utilization of drilling fluid are much lower.

Drilling fluid recycling systems


Flocculants for filter presses and wastewater treatment plants

Our offer includes flocculants working in filter press systems and various types of wastewater treatment plants. Laboratory tests guarantee the selection of appropriate materials corresponding to the physical and chemical properties of the fluids  to be flocculated. As a result, the entire process is economically and technically efficient.

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Equipment for recycling systems

Vibrating mesh screens

When operating drilling fluid recycling systems, we use meshes installed within the vibrating screen. Their appropriate selection is one of the key aspects of the correct performance of the system. Please make sure that the vibrating mesh screens correspond to the geological profile of the soil and the type of drilling fluid used. At BDC, we offer a complete range of vibrating mesh screens that are compatible with recycling systems of various system manufacturers.

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