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Guamol is a natural plant resin obtained from Indian broad bean seeds. In the technology of drilling muds, Guamol is used for muds without clay or with a low content of solid phase in order to ensure the proper viscosity of the drilling fluid. Guamol aqueous solution is resistant to metal salts of Na, K, Ca, and Mg, but is easily fermented by bacteria, hence the need to use a bactericidal agent for the drilling fluid. Both the parameters of the Guamol mud and the polymer decomposition process can be easily controlled. Guamol is a commonly used agent for self-degrading muds used in drilling and hydrotechnical works. The product is most often used in quantities from 2.0 to 6.0 kg/m3.


Guamol is supplied in the form of a white-cream powder. The product dissolves easily in both fresh and salt water to form a highly viscous colloidal solution and works best in water with a pH of 7 to 9.

Viscosity of 1% solution (Brookfield)min. 3 000 mPa×s
pH of 1% solution6.5
Water contentmax. 9%
Sieve analysis100 mesh – 98%,
200 mesh – 80%


Guamol is packed in 25 kg multilayer paper bags.
One pallet contains 40 bags of the product (1000 kg) wrapped in heat-shrinkable foil.


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