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BDC Polymers are products with multiple applications. A polymer is a chemical substance characterized by high particle mass, consisting of repeating units called meres. Due to their natural, synthetic and modified origins, BDC polymers are used as one of the main ingredients for plastics and a component for chemical products.

BDC Polymers

In drilling

Drilling fluid additives

BDC polymer products have been evolving and developing along with the company’s history and experience. Currently, it is a group of agents that are fully compatible with each other and ensure the efficient operation of the drilling fluid system. Drilling fluid additives include: thickeners, surfactants, flocculants and inhibitors.

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In the production and technology of water purification

Anionic and cationic flocculants

We provide materials for solid phase flocculation in various types of suspensions, e.g. in processed clay materials. They are perfect for the purification process of various types of suspensions, where aggregation of particles is an extremely desirable phenomenon, incl. at flocculation stations and in wastewater treatment plants.

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Polymer additives for manufacturing

Extenders for bentonite manufacturing

The agents we offer allow to increase the rheological parameters of bentonites already at the stage of raw material preparation. They mix well with the material, are stable and economical in use.

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For cable production

PVC Granulates

At BDC, we deliver PVC blends with parameters specified by the customer. The end products are characterized by defined fire resistance, flexibility and other features desired in the manufacturing of the end product. We have experience in selecting the right materials for even the most demanding industries: mining, transport and automotive.

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