HDD and microtunnelling

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Our offer includes high-performance bentonite products for small and medium HDD operations. We offer the All-In-One Bag system, which allows you to regulate the parameters of the drilling fluid by changing the concentration of the product per 1m³ of water. We have materials for large-diameter HDD drilling, Microtunnelling and Direct Pipe. We provide drilling fluid systems with a high solids content: fully compatible with polymers that allow to adjust the parameters and achieve the correct drilling fluid flow curve in the hole. The BDC product line includes: Swelltonite HQ, Swellgel Plus, Swellgel, Swellgel MA, Swellgel PF.

BDC Bentonites

Bentonite drilling fluid additives


The drilling fluid system used by BDC is based on materials that allow obtaining the drilling fluid properties corresponding to the soil conditions. Our offer includes polymers increasing the viscosity of the fluid, clay swelling inhibitors, surfactants, filtration reducers, lubricants and special agents.

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We care for the environment

Ecological lubricants

We have completely environmentally neutral lubricants of natural origin, which, in combination with Swellgel PF (Polymer) bentonite, form an ideal basis for drilling works that are completely safe for the natural environment.

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