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From the beginning of its activity, BDC has been providing materials and services for oil and well drilling, as well as horizontal directional drilling and microtunnelling. 

We work with the largest and best companies in the HDD industry, which allows us to meet the various needs of customers related to horizontal drilling and microtunnelling. We offer a wide range of services, including mud service, selection of a drilling fluid to meet specific requirements, laboratory testing of drilling fluids and recycling of drilling fluids.

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Selection of drilling fluid to meet specific requirements

We design and deliver mud systems for drilling. We test materials and develop dedicated solutions. We perform estimation, analyze geological profiles and prepare drilling fluid for specific projects. We react to problems and challenges as they arise by making decisions appropriate for any given situation.

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Laboratory testing of drilling fluids

We perform lab tests of drilling fluids and we analyze the obtained results. We advise on necessary modifications or evaluate the suitability of a given drilling fluid for the requirements set in the project.

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Recycling of drilling fluid

At BDC, we place particular emphasis on providing modern recycling systems for drilling fluids. By taking care of managing the waste produced during drilling, companies in the mining industry can significantly reduce the consumption of consumables and thus optimize the costs of the operation.


Mud Service

Thanks to many years of experience, we support our partners inthe preparation of appropriate drilling fluid mixtures, taking into account the specific properties of the deposit. The scope of the service includes not only individual selection of components based on the soil conditions, but also ongoing control of the drilling fluid parameters and optimization of the duration of the drilling operation. This translates directly into lower costs of drilling projects.