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At the beginning of its activity, Best Drilling Chemicals was strictly a supplier of materials and services for oil and well drilling. Along with the development of horizontal directional drilling and microtunnelling, the Company’s field of expertise expanded to include this field of drilling.

We work with the largest companies and best research institutions in the HDD industry. Presently we aim to meet all the needs of our customers related to horizontal drilling, microtunnelling and civil engineering in general.

Top quality Products

Our products support industries

  • HDD and Microtunnelling

    We have been working with the trenchless
    technologies industry from the very beginning if
    its existence. We have created and delivered a
    unique drilling system for any pipeline
    installation: from small to even the largest
    (involving drilling rigs with a pulling force
    exceeding 500 tons). We deliver products for
    Direct Pipe, Microtunneling and TBM technologies.
    Our transporting agents, lubricants and
    flocculants have been proven in the most demanding


    Civil Engineering

    Solutions with high insulating properties are
    indispensable in excavation, road works and
    hydrotechnical works. Sealtonite series Civil
    Engineering Products in a mixture with bentonite
    and sand acquire exceptional insulating
    properties, far superior to traditional mineral
    underlayments. The coherent gel structure prevents
    contaminants from entering the soil, air or water.

  • Oil and Gas

    We provide agents for boosting the production and
    extraction of crude oil and natural gas, as well
    as cementing agents. We also offer pipeline
    cleaning agents, drilling fluids, oil additives
    and special materials. We will thoroughly examine
    your crude oil and other materials. This is how we
    will select the most appropriate dedicated
    technical solution.

  • Geothermal and Well Drilling

    We supply agents for geothermal energy and well
    drilling, including specialized biodegradable
    polymers, drilling bentonites and sealing agents
    in the form of bentonite rolls. We support our
    clients with technical knowledge and a range of
    chemicals ready for any geological conditions.

  • Refining Industry

    We offer chemicals used at all stages of crude oil
    processing. We provide, among others desalinators,
    demulsifiers, anti-sludge agents, corrosion
    inhibitors, neutralizers: pH buffers and hydrogen
    sulfide neutralizers. We also offer chemicals for
    applications such as water treatment, waste oil
    recycling, defoaming, descaling and paraffin

  • Waste Management

    We have introduced innovative mud recycling
    systems. These devices help managing the waste
    produced during drilling and optimize the
    consumption of drilling materials. As a result,
    the purchase costs of drilling materials and the
    costs of utilization of drilling fluid drop