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Swellgel Plus Bentonite

Swellgel Plus Bentonite

Swellgel Plus is a composition of high-performance Wyoming-grade sodium bentonite and a polymer enhancing its natural rheological properties. Swellgel Plus is intended for the preparation of bentonite mud used for drilling operations in the HDD technology and during all types of vertical drilling (well drilling, drilling for vertical heat exchangers, geological exploratory drilling, etc.)

Product benefits

  • high rheological parameters at low concentrations
  • good stabilizing properties on borehole walls
  • high degree of drill cutting removal from the hole
  • good lubricating properties
  • easy and quick process of preparing the drilling fluid


Composition: high quality sodium bentonite
Bulk density ~780 kg/m3
Humidity ~11% 

Physical properties (at 22°C in water with an electrical conductivity of 300 mS/cm): 

Concentration in the drilling fluid
Structural strength 10’’
[lb/100 ft2]
Structural strength 10’
[lb/100 ft2]
Plastic viscosity
Yield limit
[lb/100 ft2]
Filtration after 30’ [ml]

Recommended concentrations

Soil typeConcentration
Clays, loams15 – 25 
Fine and medium sands25 – 30 
Coarse sands, gravels, aggregates30 – 35 
Stones, pebbles, mud leaks35 – 40 


Swellgel Plus is supplied as a beige powder, packaged in 25 kg multi-layer bags, 40 pieces per pallet wrapped in heat-shrinkable foil. Shelf life – 2 years from the date of manufacturing.


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We offer a wide range of services, including mud service, selection of a drilling fluid to meet specific requirements, laboratory testing of drilling fluids and recycling of drilling fluids.

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