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Swellgel MA Bentonite

Swellgel MA Bentonite

Swellgel MA is the base component for the preparation of bentonite drilling muds. The product contains montmorillonite and is characterized by good swelling properties, creates suspensions with good thixotropic and viscosity properties, thanks to which it enables efficient removal of cuttings in the borehole. Swellgel MA meets the requirements of the OCMA standard. Swellgel MA is successfully used in large-diameter drilling works performed in HDD, microtunnelling and TBM technologies.


Appearancebeige powder
Density2700-2800 kg/m3
Bulk density800-1000 kg/m3
Properties of bentonite suspension in water according to the OCMA standard:
Performancemin. 16.0 m3/ton
Filtrationmax. 15.0 ml
Humiditymax. 10.0%


The product is most often used in the amount of 30-60 kg/m3 of water.


Swellgel MA is packed in 25 kg multilayer bags. There are 40 bags on one pallet. Bentonite can also be delivered in 1000 kg big-bags.


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