Chemical materials for the drilling industry

BDC offers proven mud systems for oil and gas drilling, HDD and microtunnelling, geothermal and offshore drilling.

A wide selection of drilling products

We provide specialized chemicals and equipment for the industry, including recycling systems, bentonites, polymers, bentonite mats.

Individually selected drilling fluid systems

The unique BDC mud system guarantees efficient cleaning of the borehole and stabilization of the borehole wall.

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We have created a comprehensive drilling fluid system in which the chemicals complement each other in such a way as to achieve the maximum possible field efficiency. We have obtained these results by taking utmost care of every single ingredient.

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Tradition meets modernity

Best Drilling Chemicals (BDC)

We don’t just sell chemical products – we create effective solutions. We save our clients’ time and increase the safety of the work carried out.

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Unique original recipes

Each technical issue is carefully analyzed by our specialists, and recipes are created for individual engineering challenges. This is how we ensure that our clients are certain that the solution presented to them is best suited to their working conditions.

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A wide range of BDC products for drilling

We offer chemical products for all of the major drilling applications. We supply, among others:
thickeners, inhibitors, filtration reducers, lubricants, fluidizers and other special agents.

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BDC Chemicals for Drilling

BDC drilling products arose from our experience and practical knowledge of drilling work. The BDC technology meets the highest quality control standards. Our long-term presence on the market and successfully completed engineering challenges
constitute an excellent reference for BDC chemical

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Chemicals for industries

  • HDD and Microtunnelling

    We have been working with the trenchless technologies industry from the very beginning if its existence. We have created and delivered a unique drilling system for any pipeline installation: from small to even the largest (involving drilling rigs with a pulling force exceeding 500 tons). We deliver products for Direct Pipe, Microtunneling and TBM technologies. Our transporting agents, lubricants and flocculants have been proven in the most demanding conditions.


    Civil Engineering

    Solutions with high insulating properties are indispensable in excavation, road works and hydrotechnical works. Sealtonite series Civil Engineering Products in a mixture with bentonite and sand acquire exceptional insulating properties, far superior to traditional mineral underlayments. The coherent gel structure prevents contaminants from entering the soil, air or water.

  • Oil and Gas

    We provide agents for boosting the production and extraction of crude oil and natural gas, as well as cementing agents. We also offer pipeline cleaning agents, drilling fluids, oil additives and special materials. We will thoroughly examine your crude oil and other materials. This is how we will select the most appropriate dedicated technical solution.

  • Geothermal and Well Drilling

    We supply agents for geothermal energy and well drilling, including specialized biodegradable polymers, drilling bentonites and sealing agents in the form of bentonite rolls. We support our clients with technical knowledge and a range of chemicals ready for any geological conditions.

  • Refining Industry

    We offer chemicals used at all stages of crude oil processing. We provide, among others desalinators, demulsifiers, anti-sludge agents, corrosion inhibitors, neutralizers: pH buffers and hydrogen sulfide neutralizers. We also offer chemicals for applications such as water treatment, waste oil recycling, defoaming, descaling and paraffin control.

  • Waste Management

    We have introduced innovative mud recycling systems. These devices help managing the waste produced during drilling and optimize the consumption of drilling materials. As a result, the purchase costs of drilling materials and the costs of utilization of drilling fluid drop significantly.


We carry out international deliveries

We have extensive experience in logistics, we ship our chemical products to countries around the world and we are open to new challenges in this area.

Services tailored to your needs

Our solutions have already been proven at many projects in various conditions. Because of that, we are certain that we offer the best possible products and services. We are ready for new challenges. Our team and laboratories will undertake any project, even an extremely challenging and different from any previous job.

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Become a BDC Distributor

We are looking for distributors and agents capable of selling and consulting in the field of drilling chemicals. In places where we haven’t yet established our own structure, we are motivated to create it. We strive for further collaborations and synergies with new people who are ready for joint ventures and willing to take on interesting challenges.

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