Mica F/M/C

Mica F/M/C

Mica in the form of flakes is obtained in the process of special processing of mica rocks. The flake structure of mica enables effective sealing of both porous and fissured formations.

We supply 3 types of Mica:

  • fine flakes (fine) with dimensions 850 – 180 μm,
  • medium flakes (medium): 1.7 – 0.85 mm
  • coarse flakes (coarse): 8.0 – 0.85 mm.

Finely flaked mica is often used preventively to avoid minor mud losses. In the case of larger mud losses, use medium and coarse flake types of mica.
The amount of added mica, depending on the size of the losses and the type of rock, ranges from 8 to 24 kg/m3.


Multilayer paper bags, 25 kg each. One pallet contains 40 bags [1000 kg] protected with shrink film.


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