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Drilldet (drilling detergent)

Drilldet (drilling detergent)

Drilldet is a modern wetting agent with high activity, designed specifically for drilling muds. The effect of using the product during drilling is that clays do not stick to the drill bit and drill string. Drilling Detergent also improves the lubricating properties of the mud and the ability to precipitate sand.


Drilldet directly as a drilling fluid additive to reduce the surface tension of water and improve its wetting capacity.

The recommended dosage of detergent is from 1.5-2.0 l/m3 of drilling fluid.

WARNING! Exceeding the recommended dosage will result in the formation of large amounts of foam.


Drilldet is supplied in 200 l steel drums, 1000 l IBCs or 25 kg plastic canisters.


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