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Modithin 500

Modithin 500

Modithin 500 is a deflocculant and a dispersant in various types of drilling muds and water-based special fluids. Modithin 500 does not contain toxic heavy metals such as chromium. The product is an economically justified replacement of chromium-containing fluidizers in places where environmental protection is of particular importance. The addition of Modithin 500 lowers the yield point and gels. The product can be used as a non-toxic substitute for lignosulfonates.


MODITHIN 500 works effectively in polymer and bentonite muds in concentrations from 1.0 to 5 kg/m3.


Appearancestraw-colored liquid
Solid content42-46%
Viscosity (Brookifield at 25°C)300±800 cP
Density at 20°C1300 kg/m3
Solubility in watermixes with water


Modithin 500 is supplied in 250 kg drums – 4 drums per pallet or in 25 kg canisters – 22 canisters per pallet.


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