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Bentonite is one of the most versatile materials. Used in many industries, it has become a key material for drilling. We have spent many years of continuous research developing the best bentonite mixtures. Excellent polymer-bentonite blends have been developed in the BDC laboratories. The success of our products is guaranteed by a carefully selected deposit of raw material with a high content of montmorillonite, as well as properly adjusted polymer additives with perfectly matching physical and chemical properties.

BDC Bentonites

Oil and gas

Drilling bentonite

We offer bentonite blends for oil and gas drilling, geothermal and underwater drilling. Materials compliant with OCMA/API standards are available along with a special Swellgel SW (SWDC) composition for salt water based drilling fluids, and a 100% pure Swellgel PF bentonite, which is completely free of chemical additives.

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Polymerized bentonite

We supply polymerized bentonites in our All-in-One Bag line, which are distinguished by high efficiency and quick dispersion. With the ability to control the concentration of the product per 1m³ of water, they are perfect for controlling the rheological properties of the drilling fluid. Using modern technologies, we create the highest quality, maintenance-free mixtures that can face any ground conditions.

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Bentonites for large diameters

Bentonites for large engineering projects are delivered in big bags or in silos. They disperse quickly and retain the constancy of parameters. They are used to excellent carrying and friction-reducing fluids. They are compatible with lubricants and flocculants. Perfect for large diameters and long distances in drilling operations.

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