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BDC Drill Grout

BDC Drill Grout

BDC Drill Grout – special drilling mud used in horizontal drilling projects with special self-hardening properties. Drilling works using microtunneling and HDD techniques, where geological structure includes loose formations that can lead to serious drilling complications and failures. Thanks to the BDC Drill Grout, we achieve drilling hole stabilization and ensure uniform and thorough filling of the inter-ring space. The product is ideally suited to overcome obstacles such as railroad tracks, roads and low-load land.

The use of BDC Drill Grout as an addition to drilling mud provides following advantages:

  • Stabilizes walls of the borehole
  • Minimizes subsidence of the ground
  • Helps with the installation of pipes in the borehole
  • Appropriate rheology of the suspension
  • Filling empty spaces and stabilizing the opening wall
  • Protection against groundwater inflow

Physical parameters of BDC Drill Grout:

Marsh funnelMin 45 s
Suspension density  g/cm³1,12 
Solubility in watercreates a suspension
Shear strength (7 days)3,5 kPa
Shear strength (21 days)11 kPa

Shear strength test was made with Shear Pocket Vane tester.

Preparation of drilling fluid with addition of BDC Drill Grout:

The product is easily dispersed in water. The recommended concentration is 160 kg/m3.


Product available in:

• 25 kg bag

• Big Bag

Store in tightly closed containers in a dry and ventilated room at 0-30⁰C.


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We offer a wide range of services, including mud service, selection of a drilling fluid to meet specific requirements, laboratory testing of drilling fluids and recycling of drilling fluids.

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