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At BDC, we offer special chemical products dedicated to civil engineering activities, associated, among others, with large-scale construction and maintenance of public utility infrastructure. Civil engineering covers: roads, bridges, railroads, airports, ports, dams, dikes, canals, earthworks and many more. It is a field of engineering that interferes with the physical reality so as to find the best solution to human needs.

Chemicals for sealing

Polymer for mineral seals


It is the chemical solutions that are the key component of earth insulation. Sealtonite is a specialized technical component, perfect for building effective mineral seals, construction of landfills, tank terminals, as well as for industrial facilities and all kinds of infrastructure.

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Bentonite for mineral fillings


Sodium bentonite is a universal product characterized by excellent swelling properties and absorption parameters: it can absorb several times more water than it weighs. As a result, it directly affects the plasticity, resistance to damage and cracks of the mineral filling. Layers of hydrated sodium bentonite in combination with Sealtonite form effective barriers to the flow of liquids. The resulting hydrogel becomes an effective ground insulation.

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Bentonite for water insulation

Bentonite mats

BDC’s offer includes a bentonite waterproofing mat, used for water insulation. The sealing properties of its material are ensured by bentonite granules placed between the non-woven geotextile and polypropylene geotextile.

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Self-hardening mixtures

These are special self-hardening mixtures ensuring uniform and tight filling of annular spaces in HDD, microtunnelling and geothermal drilling (vertical heat exchanger, the so-called heat pump). Filling mixtures stabilize the hole wall, minimize the phenomenon of soil subsidence, provide protection against groundwater inflow and the required level of thermal conductivity.

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