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Polimac M12S10

Polimac M12S10

Polimac M12S10 is a special type low molecular weight polymer and is used in very small quantity to increase the viscosity of API Bentonite suspension of very low concentration of bentonite in the system. It is mainly used as a viscosifier for the Drilling Mud Systems.


Due to its high efficiency it is able to maintain a given viscosity with one-half the normal clay solids and is an excellent additive for low solid drilling fluids. It also tends to cause drilled solids to form agglomerates and settle out. This further enhances its use as an additive in weighted and unweighted non-dispersed drilling fluid systems.

Polimac M12S10 is a free flowing polymer bead. The recommended dosage ranges from 0.3 to 1.0 ppb, depending upon operational requirements.


  • It extends the yield of Bentonite and is capable of doubling the yield of Bentonite
  • Penetration rates are improved by better solid control.
  • Bit bearing life is extended by better solids control.
  • Mixing time is reduced due to lower Bentonite concentration necessary for required rheology.
  • Less wall cake builds up due to minimum amount of material
  • Reduces Fluid Loss and overall Drilling costs


Appearancepolymer bead
Charge density100 % wt.
Particle size> 1.00 mm (5 % max)


This product is available in 25kg sacks and 800kg bigbags.


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