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Sodium Chloride NaCl - salt tablets for water softening systems

Sodium Chloride – salt tables for water softening systems

Salt tablets are made from, evaporated content anticaking agent below 3 mg/kg. The appearance of a small amount of loose salt in the packaging is a natural process.

The product does not contain:

  • genetically modified organisms,
  • ingredients of animal origin,
  • substances that cause allergies,
  • the production does not apply to ionizing radiation.


Quality parametersExpressed asUnitGuaranteed valuesTypical values
General requirementsRound white tablet, without foreign impurities, without any foreign smellRound white tablet, without foreign impurities, without any foreign smell
Sodium chlorideNaCl%≥99,0*99,9*
Anti-caking agentK4[Fe(CN)6]mg/kg≤30
Loss on dryingH2O%≤ 0,050,004 – 0,006
Insoluble matter in H2O%≤ 0,050,004 – 0,006
ArsenicAsmg/kg≤ 0,3≤ 0,1
CadmiumCdmg/kg≤ 0,75< 0,1
ChromiumCrmg/kg≤ 0,75< 0,5
MercuryHgmg/kg≤ 0,26< 0,01
NickelNimg/kg≤ 0,75< 0,5
LeadPbmg/kg≤ 3,50,5 – 1,1
AntimonySbmg/kg≤ 2,6< 0,5
SeleniumSemg/kg≤ 2,6< 0,5


*- on the anhydrous mass

**- after consultation with the manufacturer there is a possibility of production of salt from a higher and a

lower maximum content of anticaking agent

Additional information

ParametersExpressed asUnitGuaranteed valuesTypical values
CalciumCamg/kg≤ 5011 – 34
IronFemg/kg≤20,1 – 1,0
SulfatesSO4%≤ 0,040,01 – 0,02
Alkalinity as Na2CO3Na2CO3%≤ 0,050,01 – 0,03
pH 1% solutionpH5,5 – 8,56,5 – 7,5

Transport and storage

Sodium chloride should be transported in clean, indoor means of transport, in accordance with applicable law. The load should be evenly distributed in a manner preventing movement of packages and their mutual damage.

Note: Salt is a hygroscopic substance; product should be protected against moisture and/or from getting wet! C

The product should be stored in clean and dry place with humidity below 75% in tightly closed containers.
During storage and transport of sodium chloride with potassium ferrocyanide content (anticaking agent) below 3 mg/kg is lumpy.

The information contained in this document is a trade offer. It is based on our knowledge and experience. The possibilities of using our product are numerous and beyondur control, the buyer is responsible for control of our product storage and usage conditions in their territory.

Term of validity: 2 years from production date

After expiry date, the product parameters should be verified. If the parameters comply with the requirements, the product can be used. The second control doesn’t determine the next expiry date but specifies only the quality of the product on research day.


– polyethylene bags on pallets,

– big bag on pallets.


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