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Sodium Chloride Animal FEED salt

Sodium Chloride Animal FEED salt

Animal Feed Salt K 0,7 - 0,16 white with some grey or black by-minerals

Chemical Analysis

Sodium chloride[%]9998ASTM E 534-08
calculated as Sodium[%]38.938.6
Calcium (Ca)[%]0.30.5EN 16811-1
Magnesium (Mg)[%]0.010.05EN 16811-1
Copper (Cu)[mg/kg]2EuSalt AS 015
Zinc (Zn)[mg/kg]2EuSalt AS 015


> 0.71 mm[%]720
0.16 – 0.71 mm[%]9072
< 0.16 mm[%]38

Physical properties

Bulk density1050 – 1250 kg/m3EN 1236


anti caking agent E 535, calculated as [Fe(CN)6][mg/kg]11EuSalt AS 004
On requestwtypicalMethod
Iodine (only in bags, added as KI)[mg/kg]
40EuSalt AS 002


  • The product may be used in organic /biologic production in accordance with regulation(EC) No. 2018/848.


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