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Bentonite Swellgel MA ( OCMA/API)

Bentonite Swellgel MA ( OCMA/API)

Swellgel MA is drilling bentonite. With its high swelling capacity and high yield, supplies high and stable viscosity values in water suspension during well drilling operations. SWELLGEL MA is produced from the carefully selected crude clay to API Spec 13 ASec. 11 and TS EN ISO 13500 sec. 11 (OCMA/API Grade). The chemical composition of SWELLGEL MA is mainly montmorillonite.


May be used for the production of drilling fluid for:

  • Slurry/vertical drilling
  • Water well drilling
  • Exploration drilling
  • Oil and Gas drilling
  • Microtunelling

** Excellent product for use in recycling systems


  • Supplies stable mud formation
  • Removes solids
  • Stabilize bore holes
  • Helps to prevent loss of circulation
  • High Gel Strenght
  • Cools and lubricate bit

Typical Properties

Appearance yellow-beige soft powder
Moisture contentmax. 13 %
Specific Gravity2,6 gr/lt
pH (3% suspension)9,5-10,5
Residue on 200 mesh sieve2,5% (max)
Filtrate Volume14-16 ml


Swellgel MA is packed in 25 kg bags, 600kg and 1000kg Big Bags.


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We offer a wide range of services, including mud service, selection of a drilling fluid to meet specific requirements, laboratory testing of drilling fluids and recycling of drilling fluids.

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