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SWDC Bentonite (Attapulgite)

SWDC bentonite (Attapulgite)

SWDC Bentonite is the basic component for the preparation of salt drilling muds and it meets the requirements of the OCMA standard. SWDC Bentonite contains the mineral attapulgite and has good swelling properties in both fresh water and salt solutions. The product is most often used in the amount of 20-60 kg/m3 of water


SWDC Bentonite is supplied in ground form as a loose beige powder. Properties of bentonite suspension in an aqueous solution saturated with NaCl according to the OCMA standard:

Efficiencymin. 12.5 m3/t
Apparent viscositymin. 15.0 cP
H2O contentmax. 15.0%
Sieve residue (200 mesh)max. 8.0 %


SWDC Bentonite is packed in 25 kg multilayer paper bags. One pallet contains 60 bags (1500 kg) wrapped in shrink foil.


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