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Modilube is a lubricant based on fatty acids and glycerides, intended for water-based drilling fluids, including muds prepared with brine solutions. The product disperses easily in any system and is compatible with commonly used mud additives. Modilube does not change the plastic viscosity, it has a positive effect on the structural strength of drilling muds.


Modilube is used to reduce torque and other frictional forces encountered in drilling operations. The product effectively reduces the coefficient of friction of steel surfaces with the surface of clay sediment, while reducing the risk of catching the drill string. Modilube works on both steel-to-steel and steel-to-rock surfaces.


Recommended lubricant concentration in the drilling fluid:

  • oil: 3-7 kg/m3,
  • water:  5-10 kg/m3.


Appearanceyellow to light amber liquid
Density at 25ºC930-960 kg/m3
Freezing point-8°C


Modilube is delivered in 200 liter drums or 1000 liter IBC containers.


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