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CMC HV is a high-viscosity variety of technical carboxymethyl cellulose used in the technology of drilling muds as a means to reduce filtration, stabilize the rheological parameters of water muds and to inhibit clays. The product meets the requirements of API SPEC 13A ISO 13500:2008.


Appearancewhite to cream colored powder or granules
pH (1% solution)7.0 – 11.0
Moisture contentmaximum 8%
Active material contentminimum 70%
Degree of substitutionminimum 0.8
Shelf lifeminimum 2 years


Most often, CMC HV is added in the amount of 1-4 kg per 1 m3 of fresh-water-based drilling fluids and 5-9 kg per 1 m3 of salt-water-based drilling fluids.


CMC HV is packed in 25 kg multilayer paper bags, 1000 kg per pallet.


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