Polymer EM35

Polymer EM35

The active ingredient in EM35 is a high molecular weight polymer. The emulsion simplifies the mixing into a drilling fluid of sufficient viscosity to provide carrying capacity and shale inhibition in both sweet and slightly saline water. Active ingredient content ( min. 50 %); dosage 0,6- 3 l per 1m3, less then 0,6 l acting as flocculant. Product is environmental friendly An addition of the EM35 to the water based drilling mud is resulting in :

  • Increase of viscosity
  • enhance of lubrication properties
  • friction reducing
  • inhibition of clay swelling and sloughing (clay inhibitor)
  • improvement of recovery of cores, especially in unconsolidated formations
  • effective in pale drilling application ( EM35 PD)


Readily biodegradable


  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Microtunneling
  • Civil Engineering
  • Oil and Gas applications
  • Direct Pipe works
  • Flocculant


Density at 20°Capprox. 1040 kg/m3
Solubility in waterimmediately and completely soluble
Flash Pointapprox. 130°C
Pour Pointapprox. -15°C


25 kg plastic drums, 200litres steel drums, 1000 litres IBC containers


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