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T585E Shaker Screen For MI Swaco Mongoose Shale Shaker

T585E Shaker Screen For MI Swaco Mongoose Shale Shaker

T585E Pretension frame shaker screen is made from Pretension frame with stainless steel wire mesh. It’s the replacement screen for GNZS594 shaker or MI-Swaco MONGOOSE or MEERKAT Shaker.


StandardAPI RP 13C
Non-Blanked Area5.3 Sq.Ft
Compatible ShakerGN Solids Control GNZJ594 Mud Cleaner, GN Solids Control GNZS594 Shaker, MEERKAT, MI-Swaco MONGOOSE PRO, MONGOOSE PT
Screen TypeFrame Type
Frame/Plate MaterialPretension
Wire Mesh shapeFlat Screen
Wire Mesh MaterialStainless Steel
API No.API 20 to API 325
Mud TemperatureResistant to 140 C degree
Package1 Piece in 1 Carbon box
Shipping PackageWood pallet with Wood top Cover and wrapped by plastic, suitable for shipping by air or by sea.
Package & LabelOptional in GN LOGO or Neutral
GN LOGO means the package and label with GN company LOGO
Neutral means the package and label without company information.
RemarksCustomized Package and Label is only available for big quantity.

API RP 13 C Specifications table For T635B Screen

No.API No.Mesh TypeD100 Cut Point(um)Conductance (kD/mm)NBA(Sq.Ft)
1.API 20GLA02080910.885.5
2.API 35GLA0355389.695.5
3.API 40GLA0404398.645.5
4.API 50GLA0502855.175.5
5.API 60GRA0602684.15.5
6.API 70GRA0702033.335.5
7.API 80GRA0801932.765.5
8.API 100GRA1001642.665.5
9.API 120GRA1201341.895.5
10.API 140GRA1401011.895.5
11.API 170GRA170831.345.5
12.API 200GRA200731.325.5
13.API 230GRA230680.715.5
14.API 270GRA270570.675.5
15.API 325GRA325440.395.5
MI-Swaco, MONGOOSE,MEERKAT are trademarks of Schlumberger company.


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