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Bentonite QSE (pellets)

Bentonite QSE (pellets)

Cylindrical bentonite rods (granules)made from 100 % activated sodium bentonite. A characteristic of Bentonite QSE is its considerable water absorption capacity, as a result of which it swells up considerably when in contact with water.


The large swelling capacity makes Bentonite QSE suitable for: The complete repair of drilled-through or damaged clay layers Securing spring-loaded charges in the ground for seismological study Making dams, dykes and water barriers non-water-permeable Rapidly sealing damaged wells, etc..

Careful and even dosing are required for an optimal result. Bridge formation can occur in the event of dosing too rapidly.


The assurance of a strong, virtually watertight layer which can only be achieved using a pure sodium bentonite
Has extra swelling capacity for sealing irregularities in the borehole wall or difficult to reach cavities

Absolutely safe for use in drinking water areas
Easy to apply
Absolutely environmentally-friendly


CompositionHigh-quality activated sodium bentonite
ColourGrey green
FormCylindrical rods
DimensionsDiameter 6.5 mm
Length5 – 20 mm
Density2100 kg/m3
Bulk density1100 kg/m3


1000 kg packed in 25 bags on pallet

1000 kg big bags


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