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Xanthan Gum-D

Xanthan Gum-D

Xanthan Gum is a biopolymer obtained in the process of action of Xanthomonas Campestris bacteria on glucose substances. Xanthan Gum polymer is used in drilling technology as a primary agent to regulate the structural strength and viscosity of clayless muds. The product is resistant to electrolytes, effective in both fresh and salt water (up to full saturation with NaCl). Xanthan Gum is commonly used for muds for drilling and reconstruction of oil wells in quantities of 2-5 kg/m3.


Xanthan Gum is a creamy white powder that is easily soluble in fresh water and sea water.
The water solution of the polymer is characterized by high apparent viscosity and structural strength, and in conditions of fast flow, by low plastic viscosity.

Bulk density600-700 kg/m3
Humiditymax. 8%
pH (1% solution)7-9

Laboratory tests

4% NaCl solution at a concentration of 2.86 [g/l]

Speed [rpm]Required min.Read


Xanthan Gum is packed in 25 kg multilayer paper bags. On one pallet there are 35 bags of the product (875 kg) wrapped in heat-shrinkable foil.


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