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Swellgel SW (Viscosifier for salty make-up water)

Swellgel SW (Viscosifer for salty make-up water)

Swellgel SW is a viscosifier specially designed bentonite-polymer mixture to viscosify saline and salty make up water.


Swellgel SW can be used in Vertical Drilling, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Tunneling and other civil engineering applications. Swellgel SW helps to minimize drilling problems, provides borehole stability, filtration control and improves carrying capacity.


  • Effective viscosifier in salt and brackish water based drilling fluids
  • Promotes enhanced fluid stability in saline environments
  • Low water loss level
  • Excellent carrying capacity at low annular velocities
  • Provides effective lubricity
  • Easy dispersing with high shear
  • Easy to clean in shale shakers and hydrocyclones


Concentration of Swellgel SW depends on salt content of make-up water and the mud requirements, ranging from 30 to 60 kg/m3.
Swellgel SW should be added through the effective hopper and mix thoroughly until the material is dispersed.


AppearanceLight beige free flowing powder
Moisture, %11 ±1
Bulk density850 kg/m3 (53 lb/ft3)


Swellgel SW is packed in 25 kg multiwall paper bags 1000 kg per pallet


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