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SupraXan Premium

SupraXan Premium

SupraXan Premium is an environmentally friendly polymer mud or bentonite-free drilling solution, in fresh and salines conditions that is effective in all ground types, meeting the primary requirements of drilling fluid: hole stabilization and removal of cuttings.

The advantages of SupraXan Premium:

  • Highly effective in low concentration
  • 100% Biodegradable, enviromental friendly
  • Improved whole cleaning and suspension properties
  • Stabilises unconsolidated formation
  • Helps to reduce friction
Recipe for 1000 ltr H2OKilograms per 1000 litres of water
Clays & Silts2-4 kg
Sands & Gravel3-6 kg
Rocks3-5 kg


pH (1% solution)6-8
Bulk density750 kg/m3

Mixing and recommended treatment

Pour slowly through a hopper at maximum shear to avoid lumping and to minimize waste. Add 2 – 6 kg/m3 of SupraXan Premium to prepare HDD bentonite-free drilling fluid.


SupraXan Premium is packed in 25 kg multiply paper bags, 40 bags on pallet


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We offer a wide range of services, including mud service, selection of a drilling fluid to meet specific requirements, laboratory testing of drilling fluids and recycling of drilling fluids.

Optimize the cost of drilling

By taking care of managing the waste produced during drilling, you can significantly reduce the consumption of consumables.