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Modiclay PRO ( clay inhibitor)

Modiclay PRO

MODICLAY PRO is a concentrated, non- hazardous, proprietary clay inhibitor that can be used with either polymer or bentonite drilling fluid systems. MODICLAY PRO is an ideal additive for HDD bores in reactive clay soils.


MODICLAY PRO is to be used on any size HDD bore and in vertical drilling works. Using MODICLAY PRO will greatly reduce or eliminate clay cuttings from sticking to each other and to the drilling tools. Swelling of the bore will be reduced or eliminated. Rotation and pullback pressures will be significantly reduced.

Add MODICLAY PRO to the drilling fluid system last. For sticky and swelling clays use 132 g to 237 per 1000 liters depending on water sensitivity of the formation. If you are using Hydro Clay suggested concentration is 0,5 kg per 1000 liters of mud.

For maximum effectiveness, MODICLAY PRO should be used starting with the pilot hole and all reaming and pullback stages. Clays begin swelling and absorbing water im- mediately upon contact with water starting with the pilot hole. MODICLAY PRO will eliminate or greatly reduce this problem.


  • Inhibition of clays and loams, reduces clay ring and bit balling
  • Easy dispersible
  • Decrease of pullback pressures
  • Torque reducing
  • Without influence on yield point and filtration


25 kg pails


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