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Sealtonite® (Special technical component for creating the mineral isolation) 

Sealtonite® (Special technical component for creating the mineral isolation) 

Sealtonite® is a robust, flexible, durable and sustainable isolation solution that is used in all kinds of projects around the world. From a mineral bottom liner in landfills to water isolation systems in civil engineering projects and water features on golf courses.


Sealtonite® is a special polymer component which your mix with a mineral filler like bentonite. Then you add sand which is extremely suitable for this purpose. Mixture’s of Sealtonite® highly effective isolation properties are due to the third ingredient – water. A robust layer of this mixture is installed on-site. It can be immediately covered with a ballast layer of sand or soil, for example. This provides the necessary overburden. Next, any water from the surrounding soil that comes into contact with the Sealtonite® layer will be absorbed. This creates a matrix of chemical bonds between the swelling clay minerals and the dissolved polymer. The resulting strong, dense hydrogel structure has considerably better isolation properties than traditional liners. This swelling hydrogel fills up the pores in the granular filler (e.g. sand). It is this gel’s impermeability and flexibility that make Sealtonite® unique. At the same time, the gritty structure of the filler lends mechanical strength to this mineral layer. The weight of the overlying ballast layer helps to keep the Sealtonite® layer at peak strength, by preventing any excessive swelling.

Typical dosage:

0,2- 0,4 % 


Appearance :   free-flowing white powder 

Particle size :   Maximum 2% > 2000 μm

                              Approx 85% > 500 μm

             Maximum 0.1% < 100 μm

pH of aqueous solution: 7.5 (approx.)

Bulk density:  700kg/m3 (approx.) 

 Solubility:     soluble in deionized water with no residue or insoluble matter
(note that solution viscosity increases with concentration which may adversely affect solubility) 

Moisture content: Max 8% w/w (approx.) 

Purity: Approx 90% active polymer


Big bags 625 kg or 25 kg bags / 1000 kg on pallet.


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