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Profoam Control SW

Profoam Control SW

Profoam Control SW is a 10% emulsion of silicone components.

Appearanceopaque, white liquid
Specific gravity1.00
Viscosity250 cPs (Brookfield RVT #3,50 rpm, 25 °C)
Solubilityeasy emulsifiable in water

These data are to be seen as typical values and should not be considered as specifications.


Profoam Control SW Foam Control Agent is a silicone emulsion. It is a versatile product, with a wide range of industrial process applications. Typical examples are:

Effluent systems, amine gas scrubbing units, agricultural pesticides formulations. A particular advantage of Profoam Control SW is its effectiveness over a wide pH range and at high shear forces.

In general, the best place to apply the product is shortly before the foam becomes troublesome. It can be used neat or prediluted with water. Recommended usage levels are between 5 and 50 ppm.

Storage and Handling

Profoam Control SW should be stored at room temperature. However, the product can withstand several freeze and heat cycles without having a negative effect on the product. Keep the product in a closed container. It is recommended to agitate the emulsion before usage. Wear suitable protective gloves and eye/face protection.


We will recommend the appropriate packaging for the application.


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