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Modithin AB500

Modithin AB500

Modithin AB500 - sodium polyacrylate deflocculant -is a liquid anionic polymer dispersant and filtration control agent for use in saline water-base muds. It does not contain toxic heavy metals such as chromium. It is a cost- effective replacement for chrome-containing dispersants in environmentally sensitive areas.


Modithin AB500 dispersant may be used in all water-base fluids, but is designed primarily for use in saline fluids where the chloride content exceeds 20,000 mg/L. Addition of the product will reduce yield point values, gel strengths, and fluid loss.

Modithin AB500 dispersant can also be used as a non-toxic replacement for lignosulfonate.

Modithin AB500 dispersant is effective at concentrations of 2,0 to 10.0 kg/m3. The product should be added through the hopper where good agitation is available. Higher bottom hole temperature will require increased concentrations.

Pilot testing is recommended prior to treating any system with Modithin AB500. Incremental additions are recommended at 0.2 kg/m3 to determine the optimal concentration required. Over treatment can cause reductions to low end rheology and gel strengths which can then be difficult to recover.


  • Prevents excessive viscosity increase in bentonite muds,
  • Excellent substitute for chrome lignosulfonate and chrome lignite,
  • Excellent for spotting in the hole during trips to prevent temperature gelation,
  • May be used in all water-base systems,
  • Assists with dispersing sticky clays particularly in HDD drilling


Appearance:straw yellow liquid,
Viscosity (Brookfield, 25°C):300 – 800 cps,
Total solids:42-46%,
Density @20°C:1,3,
Shelf life:2 years.


Drums, IBC container


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