Modisorb 200

Modisorb 200

MODISORB 200 is a special water insoluble super absorbent polymer specifically designed to absorb and retain fluids migrating into the soil formation. MODISORB 200 swells very well in fresh water. The properties of superabsorbent polymers depend on the amount of salt in the absorbed liquids. The product is very effective without any problems up to a 0.2% NaCl test solution.


Appearancewhite granules
Particle size0.15 – 0.85 mm
Bulk density0.550 – 0.650 kg/m3
Humidityless than 2%
pH (1% gel in 0.9% NaCl)6.0 ± 0.5
Storage3 years


The product swells very quickly (within a few minutes). Therefore, it is very important to mix it and immediately apply it to the formation where fluid losses occur. MODISORB 200 is highly effective. It can also be dropped into a borehole and filled with water.

At a concentration of ± 7 kg/m3 of water. MODISORB 200 forms a very high viscose suspension and absorbs all water to form a gel solution. Such a solution is not solid and can be easily washed away. The recommended concentration is therefore up to 5 kg/m2. MODISORB 200 is harmless to the environment.


Modisorb 200 is delivered in 25 kg bags, 1000 kg per pallet or in big bags.


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