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Modipol 400

Modipol 400

Modipol 400 is a modified cellulose and is used to improve the Fluid Loss control of water base muds without increasing the viscosity. The product is effective in drilling fluids based on saturated brines. It stabilizes the rheological parameters of mud and improve the ability of inhabitation of clays and loams.


Appearance:powder/granules from whitish to cream color
pH ( 1% solution):7,0-11,0
Moisture content:max 8%
Active material contentmin. 55%
Substitutionmin. 0,8
Storage and validitymin. 2 years


Generally, Modipol 400 is added to mud in the range of 1 – 4 kg/m³ fresh water


25 kg bags or 500-100 kg big bags


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