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HT Starch

HT Starch

HT starch is a highly modified potato starch designed to reduce drilling mud filtration, stable at temperatures up to 140°C. Thanks to cross-linking, it is also resistant to fermentation for a long time.


Appearancewhite to gray powder
Bulk density1010 kg/m3
pH (pure product)5.0–8.0
Solubility in watertotal
Viscosity at 600 rpm after heating at 140°C4% NaCl solution: 40 cps
saturated NaCl solution: 40 cps
Filtration after heating at 140°C4% NaCl solution: max. 10 ml
saturated NaCl solution: max. 10 ml


Most often, the amount of added product ranges from 10 to 30 kg per 1 m3 of drilling fluid.


25 kg bags.


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