Hematite: iron oxide, Fe2O3, is an iron ore containing 30-65% iron. Powdered hematite is used in oil drilling as a weighting agent for drilling muds and cement slurries due to its high density, reaching 5.2 kg/dm3. The addition of hematite to the drilling fluid does not cause significant changes in its rheological parameters.


Drilling hematite is supplied as a red-brown powder, insoluble in water and odorless. The product is not biodegradable, but it is non-toxic and harmless to the environment.
Hematite is approved for use in drilling technology by the Department of Environmental Protection of the Oil and Gas Mining Institute in Krakow.

Safe use

Due to the significant content of the dusty fraction, special care should be taken when working with the product, therefore it is required to wear work clothes, a mask and anti-dust glasses when using hematite.


Hematite is supplied in 1000 kg big bags.


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