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FR Starch for Drilling

FR Starch for Drilling

FR Drilling Starch is a low viscosity agent that reduces filtration and stabilizes the rheology of drilling fluids. The product is compatible with all fresh and salt water based fluids. Thanks to the addition of a biocide, it is resistant to fermentation. Drilling starch meets the requirements of OCMA standard No. DFCP 5 for starch and the requirements of API No. 13a and ISO 13500.


  • reduces the filtration of muds based on fresh and salt water – up to 15% NaCl saturation
  • resistant to high concentrations of Na+, K+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ salts


Appearanceloose white powder
Bulk density600-700 kg/m3
Moisture contentmax. 14%
Solubility in watertotal
Filtration4% NaCl solution: up to 10 ml
Saturated NaCl solution: up to 10 ml
Viscosity at 600 RPM4% NaCl solution: 40cP
Saturated NaCl solution: 40cP
Thermal stabilityup to 125°C


25 kg foil-lined paper bags, 750 kg pallet.
Store in a dry place (humidity up to 70%). Storage period 24 months.


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