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Defoamer T-10 defoaming agent for water based drilling mud’s.

Defoamer T-10

Defoamer is na antifoaming additive highly-effective and efficient antifoaming and defoaming agent in low- and high-brine muds and have excellent dispersibility.


The product is ready to use. Typical concentration range is from 0.05 to 0.1 %.
In high viscosity mud’s concentration up to 0.2 % is recommended.
A place of dosing and doses should be adapted to local conditions (by industrial trials).


Appearance:homogeneous, slightly transparent yellowish solution
Active ingredients, %100
Density (200C) , g/cm3approx. 0,90
Solubility in water:easy emulsified
pH:approx. neutral
Ion character:non-ionic


25 and 200 l PE barrels, tanks or in 1m3 containers


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