BDC-205 is a latex additive for cement that controls fluid loss, makes cement gas-tight, more elastic (less shattering on perforating), and promotes better bonding. To control fluid loss, BDC- 205 decreases the porosity and permeability of the filter cake without damaging freshwater- sensitive formations.


Suitable for all cement slurries and commonly used additives such as retarders, salt, dispersants, bentonite, gilsonite, and pozzolans from 60 to 230°C.

Can be used in all kinds of mix waters: fresh, seawater, up to 8 percent calcium chloride water, and up to saturated sodium chloride water.


  • Versatile additive that can be used with all common cement additives and various mix waters.
  • Intensifies and stabilizes commonly used retarders.
  • Provides gas migration control.
  • May increase the settling tendency of the slurries, but the addition of additives, like bentonite,can control it


Typical concentration range is 0.5 to 2.0 percent by weight of cement (BWOC).


AppearanceWhite to yellowish powder
pH (1%)7.0 to 8.0
Solubility in waterSoluble
Bulk densityapprox. 300 kg/m3


We will recommend the appropriate packaging for the application.


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