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BDC-043 cement friction reducer

BDC-043 is a sulphonated organic polymer 60-100% active used in cementing compositions as a dispersant additive to improve rheological properties of slurries. It lowers the friction pressure of a given slurry permitting turbulent flow to be achieved at a substantially lower displacement rate.


BDC-043 is highly salt respectively electrolyte tolerant, and can be used in slurries with salt concentrations greater than 18% bwow. Product is compatible to all common fluid loss polymers and is effective at temperatures higher than 15 deg. C. It is compatible with all classes of API- cement.


  • Reduces apparent viscosity, while minimizing free water separation and settling.
  • Enables slurries to be pumped in turbulence at lower pressures, thereby decreasing thechances of lost circulation and premature dehydration.


BDC-043 can be used in concentrations of 0.3% to 1.5%. bwow.


Physical formred-brown powder
Solubilitysoluble in water
Moisture content<4.5%
Brookfield viscosity<100 cP


50 lb multiply paper bags. BDC-043 must be stored inside at room temperatures.


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