Barite - barium sulphate BaSO4 - is one of the most commonly used weighting agents for drilling fluids. Barite ores with a high content of barium sulphate are ground to the required fineness according to OCMA or API standards. The main advantages of barite are: high density (above 4 kg/dm3), chemical inertness to other mud components, low abrasiveness and harmlessness to the environment. Barite can be used in any geological conditions as it is resistant to all chemical contamination and high temperatures. Barite is also used for: soundproofing walls, friction linings, component of: paints, putties, rubbers, ceramics and many others.


Density4230 kg/m3
Bulk density1250 – 1500 kg/m3
The content of particles smaller than 75 μmmin. 97 %
The content of particles smaller than 45 μmmin. 85 %
BaSO4 contentmin. 90 %
SiO2 contentmax. 6 %
D5016 μm
Moisture contentmax. 0.5 %


Barite is delivered in 1500 kg big bags, in 25 kg bags (1500 kg per pallet) or 50 kg bags (2000 kg per pallet).


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