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Argipol® is a drilling fluid additive, the liquid blend of anionic polymers. An addition of the Argipol® to the water based drilling mud is resulting in increase of viscosity, enhance of lubrication properties, friction reducing, inhibition of clay swelling and sloughing, improvement of recovery of cores, especially in unconsolidated formations.

The product is completely soluble and it is very easy to mix with water without any additional equipment. Argipol® is a multifunctional product and it can be used as:

  • Bentonite Fluid Additive
  • Basic component of water based drilling muds used for coring operations 
  • Basic component of drilling fluids for water wells due to relatively short development times
  • Lubricant for soil engineering works due to a strong adhesion to steel surfaces


Argipol® is not toxic and it easy dissolve in water.  In winter conditions when temperatures are minus Argipol® does not loss its properties. A shelf live is at least 24 months.
Use of Argipol® for drilling operations has been approved by the Hygienic Institute. 


Typical dosages of Argipol® as the drilling additive is 1-3 litres per 1 m³ and as the lubricant for steel pipes is 40-50 l per 1 m³.


25 kg plastics jerrycans or 1000 kg IBC container


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