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Argipol® FL-Niko

Argipol® FL-Niko

Argipol® FL-Niko is a synthetic anionic polyelectrolyte which can be used to reduce fluid loss and stabilize fluid rheology in fresh, brackish or brine water-based drilling mud systems. It is a cost effective polymeric drilling mud thinner and deflocculant which has high temperature stability to 4000F(2040C ) and is environmentally benign, non-polluting and not susceptible to bacterial degradation. Argipol® FL-Niko may be used in unweighted or weighted muds. The use of this product is primarily as a fluid loss agent for both API and HTHP filtration control. Rheology control is a secondary property. Calcium levels up to approximately 400 ppm may be tolerated.


  • Drilling fluid thinner
  • Ultralow MW
  • High temperature stability to 4000F (2040C)
  • Effective bridging agent, good acid-soluble
  • Excellent filtration control in HPHT drilling wells
  • Well cementing
  • Non toxicity, non-polluting
  • Cost effective

Typical product properties are summarized below:

Appearance:Polymer bead; white
Charge density:High
Solution viscosity:300-600 mPa*s
(10% solution; RT; #3 20rpm)
Particle size:     > 0.8 mm (1% max)


Argipol® FL-Niko is a free flowing bead which can be easily dissolved in water up to 10% solutions.


This product is available in 25kg sacks and 750kg bigbags.


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