AntiFoam MS

AntiFoam MS

AntiFoam MS is a silicone based defoamer for the use in several industrial applications. It provides rapid knock down capabilities of surface foam and an excellent long lasting foam control effect. AntiFoam MS is recommended for the use in several industries and applications. Typical examples are: effluent systems, surfactant containing process waters that tend to produce surface foam. It can be used in the Oil and Gas industries such for the control of foam in gas scrubber/washer systems.


  • AntiFoam MS is high active, non-ionic proprietary emulsion of polysiloxanes.
  • AntiFoam MS can easily introduced into water systems that provide medium to high turbulent flow.
  • Active over a broad pH-Range of pH 2 – 12
  • Active over a broad Temperature range from 0°Cup to 100°C


The dosage of AntiFoam MS is dependent on the type of system, operating conditions and the foam causing impurities of the media. Your Solenis representative will custom design the treatment program and recommend the treatment levels, feed point location, and control methods for your particular application.

AntiFoam MS has excellent stability under normal storage conditions. Product should be stored at room temperature. However, the product can withstand several freeze and heat cycles without having negative effect on the product. Keep the product in a closed container. It is recommended to agitate the emulsion before usage. AntiFoam MS should be fed as neat product by using a positive displacement pump suitable for high viscosity liquids.


We will recommend the appropriate packaging for the application.


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