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Our Mud Service effectively improves the drilling work in terms of the preparation of the appropriate drilling fluid. During this operation BDC specialists individually select the components of the drilling system for the soil conditions of a given project, paying particular attention to the technical parameters of the drill string and the installed pipe. As a part of this field service, we conduct ongoing control of the fluid parameters and optimize the duration of the drilling, which translates into project economization and safe completion of the installation.

BDC Engineer Services

Technical consultancy

Solutions selected by specialists

We analyze the project and the technical problems encountered. We select the right solution and deliver detailed methods of its application. We rely on our extensive experience and solutions proven at many extraction, civil engineering and drilling sites.

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Measuring equipment

Control of drilling fluid parameters

During any operation we have specialized measuring equipment at our disposal. We use, among others viscometer, various types of fluid mixers, products dedicated to filtration work, washing scales, sand control kits, pH-meter and electrical conductivity meter. We use a calcium ion measuring set, magnesium and chloride ion measuring set and a Marsh funnel.

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