Modiscav Green Fe

Modiscav Green Fe

Modiscav Green Fe is a new-generation, environmentally safe, water-soluble, hydrogen sulfide scavenger combining iron with lignosulfonate.


Modiscav Green Fe functions by reaction with H2S to form insoluble iron sulfide. The product is used for scavenging H2S fresh and saltwater-based mud and other water systems. It helps in the dispersion of solids and provides protection against corrosion.
Modiscav Green Fe is compatible with the majority of drilling fluid additives and has much higher efficiency than standard iron-based products.


When hydrogen sulfide is anticipated Modiscav Green Fe should be added initially at a concentration of 3 kg/m3 which can remove approx. 200 mg of H2S/liter. The exact dosage rate needs to be tested in the field because large amounts of hydrogen sulfide may require an additional amount of Modiscav Green Fe.


  • Fast and effective H2S removal,
  • Environmental friendly,
  • Used for scavenging H2S from brine and freshwater systems at a wide range of pH,
  • Helps disperse solids,
  • Does not cause scaling,
  • Provides protection against corrosion,


Appearancefree flowing brown powder,
Bulk density [kg/m3]approx. 400
Dry matter [%]min. 93,0
pH (10% sol.)3,0
Insolubles [%]max 1,0
Fe [%]min 11,0
SO4 [%]24
Organic matter [%]60
Complexed Metal Fraction [%]min 90

Packaging and Storage

25 kg bags, Big Bags,

Modiscav Green Fe is stable for up to
conditions. Keep away from moisture, rain and direct sunlight.

4 years when stored in closed original packaging under dry


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