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Modicol M (PEG, polyglycol)

Modicol M (PEG, polyglycol)

Modicol M is special additive, perfect for low-to-high salinity systems. High wellbore stability, high temperature filtration control., reducing of dilution rates, great lubricity, reduce of bit balling. Most of polyglycols are effective in salt (KCl), Modicol M is effective for most applications specifying low-toxicity additives.


Modicol PEG can be used directly in wells with moderate formation temp. from fresh to salinity water.

It stabilize shales, prevents the equalization of hydrostatic pressure away from the borehole.

It is ready to be add to thermally activated mud emulsion (TAME) and in situations where it is insoluble.


  • Improved high-temperature filtration control
  • Improved lubricity
  • Reducing the dilution rates and consumption of drilling fluids
  • Low toxicity
  • Reducing of bit-balling potential
  • Borehole stability and shale inhibition


Modicol PEG is packed in drums and IBC container.


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