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ISCorr 3 WS (Corrosion Inhibitor)

ISCorr 3 WS (Corrosion Inhibitor)

ISCorr 3 WS is a water-soluble corrosion inhibitor used as an additive to drilling muds and foams, fresh- and salt water-based (up to full salinity). Adhering to metal surfaces, it protects them against corrosion in environments containing H2S, CO2 and O2. The product is delivered in two versions, summer and winter, resistant to freezing down to -10°C.


Appearanceclear yellow liquid
Flash point>61°C
Solubility in watertotal
Shelf life3 years


Typically, ISCorr 3 WS is added directly to the drilling fluid at a rate of 2.0 litres/m3. In a highly corrosive environment, it may be necessary to increase its concentration.


ISCorr 3 WS is delivered in 200 liter drums or 1000 liter containers.


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