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Drill rods, also known as mud pipes, are the main component of a drill string and perform a number of important tasks. The most important of these are: transmitting torque from the drilling rig to the cutting tool and exerting axial pressure on the drilling tool. Drilling rods supply drilling fluid to the hole in order to remove cuttings to the surface and steer the axis of the drilled hole according to specific design assumptions. Drilling rods also perform tasks related to technological functions.

Drilling rods

For difficult drilling

Mud pipes

Drilling rods work in a borehole in difficult conditions, which results in enormous longitudinal, lateral and torsional loads on their surface. They are also exposed to abrasive rock and corrosive effects of drilling fluid. Such working conditions require robustly constructed drill rods with their threaded connections.

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The BDC Drilling Rods

Based on the best technologies and thanks to cooperation with leading material producers from Sweden, Germany and USA, we produce the most reliable mud pipes (drilling rods). We offer a wide range of drilling rods for every type of drilling application. We provide products that support oil drilling, geological drilling, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and well drilling.

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Accessories for HDD drilling rigs

Among the accessories and parts for HDD drilling rigs, we offer probe housings, reamers, control fins, starter rods, sleeves, adapters and connectors. Our range also includes Drive Chucks and Sub Saver shafts, pull heads, swivels, triter and wing augers. We also supply our customers with lubricants for the threads of drilling rods, mud motors for Ditch Witch, Vermeer, Toro and Astec drilling rigs.

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